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Work Boat Safety Rail Systems



The Ronstan Series 32 I-Track Safety Rail System is designed to provide protection and safety for crew on commercial work boats when working on deck or outside the safety of the vesselís cabin.

The system has been tried and proven on many commercial vessels including but not limited to pilot boats, fire and rescue boats, police and military patrol boats and commercial fishing boats.

The safety rail system provides a method of attachment for use in conjunction with personal fall protection equipment to protect crew against falls and overboard situations and allows freedom to move about the workboat uninhibited and with ease in any sea conditions.

Thoroughly tested at the factory and in the field, Ronstanís Series 32 I-Track Safety Rail System meets the requirements of the Australian National Standards for Commercial Vessels (NSCV), Part, Section 1, 6.17.3 (Pilot Launch Ė Equipment) and (Clipping point strength).


To achieve greater economy with the flexibility to adapt, we have created a modular system of standard components that make it easy to design, specify and install these systems to a wide range of commercial vessels.

For designers and builders, 2D drawings are available to assist and ensure itís a Ronstan safety rail system that you next specify. Customised track rails are available for vessels where standard track rail corners are not suitable.

PHOTO CREDIT: © Lester Hunt / Jumping Jack Splash

System Features

  • Track rails, rigid profile, marine grade aluminium (AL6061-T6), black anodised to 25Ķm.
  • Track rails available in standard straight and curved lengths easily adapted to suit many workboat deck plans.
  • 90-degree corner, 500mm radius bend can be trimmed to adapt to the required angle. These are primarily used for corners found at the front of the cabin.
  • 90-degree corner, 125mm radius bend. These tight radius corners are excellent for applications where space on the side deck is limited or where track rails need to traverse around sharp corners.
  • 15-degree track rail deflection lengths. These can be used where angle changes occur along the cabin side.
  • Cars have strong grade 316 stainless steel bodies with flared sides and angled stainless steel bearing wheels to provide high load capacity, smooth operation, and require minimal maintenance.
  • Cars are available in free running and plunger lock configurations with large lanyard take off points for easy attachment.