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The next generation in rope holding

The latest in design technology, the recently released Constrictor Textile rope clutch offers high performance rope holding - “the next generation”.

Rather than locally squashing and damaging the rope like a traditional clutch, the Constrictor clutch closes its sock tightly around the rope, constricting and gripping strongly. This provides at least twice as much holding load as traditional rope clutches, without any of the rope wear and damage.
New construction methods also mean that the Constrictor is about a third of the weight of a traditional clutch.

The product has been used on many boast in Europe such as the Maxi, Mini, Multi, Imoca, AC45 and AC72 with an added advantage – the clutches can be released safely under load without the need to take up the load on a winch first; the trip line can be remotely mounted, therefore the clutch can be placed in the boom, top of the mast, under a deck cover etc. and just the release lines fed back to the cockpit; smaller diameter lines can be used, owing to the high rope holding load an 8mm halyard may replace current 10 or 12mm halyards, saving cost and weight aloft.

The clutches are available for lines sizes from 6mm up to 14mm.

For further details on the Constrictor’s Features and technical elements, click here

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