SHOCK - The Sheaveless Block

Ronstan Sheaveless Blocks

Some small line rigging applications do not require ball bearing blocks, so Ronstan has just introduced its new Shocks Sheaveless compact blocks. Designed to fit a wide array of small diameter rigging uses, he new Shocks are claimed to be prefect or moderate load uses where minimal purchase I required.

The compact Shocks are carefully engineered to work well even if the load alignment is not straight. Made from anodized aluminium they weight only 2.5g, yet can carry up to 350kg of break-load force. The Shocks soft attachment compatibility make them suitable for use in numerous high performance dinghy and small sailboat rigging applications including tweakers, vangs, trapezes, cunninghams, barber haulers and kit bridles. They are also handy on larger boats for uses such as ladder and motor hoists, lazy jacks, sail covers, and tie-downs.

Shocks accept 1.4mm to 5mm line diameters for running rigging and can be used with up to 8mm webbing attachments. They are available in four colour choices to help keep complicated rigging configurations more organised.

See the full SHOCKS range SHOCK or BLOCK - Options for every application


Unlimited uses:

  • Vangs
  • Tweakers
  • In-spar Purchases
  • Outboard Raisers
  • Barberhaulers

  • Sail Cover Zipper Lines
  • Ladder Hoist
  • Lazy Jacks
  • Cunningham
  • Garage Hoists

  • Traveller Controls
  • Kite Bridles
  • Leech Lines
  • Trailer Tie-downs
  • Guy Lines

  • Trapeze Elastics
  • Control Lines
  • 2:1 Halyards
  • Luggage Ties

Shock - Sheaveless Block - Features -
Shock - Sheaveless Block - Features
Shock - Sheaveless Block - Features
Shock - Sheaveless Block - Features
Shock - Sheaveless Block - Features
Shock - Sheaveless Block - Features


  • Performance & Versatility
  • Ultra Lightweight - only 2g!
  • Ultra Compact
  • Durable
  • Colour Coded
  • Impact Resistant
  • Small Line Optimised
  • High Load Capacity - 350kg (770lb) BL
  • Poor Alignment Tolerant
  • Soft Attachment Compatible
  • Versatile
  • Grit and Salt Resistant
Shock - Sheaveless Block - RF8080BLU
Shock - Sheaveless Block - RF8080GRN
Shock - Sheaveless Block - RF8080GRY
Shock - Sheaveless Block - RF8080R

2.5g 22.9mm 14.9mm 8.5mm 1.4mm - 5.0mm 8mm wide/ 
5mm diam.
0.01oz 7/8" 9/16" 5/16" 1/16" - 3/16" 5/16" wide/ 
3/16" diam