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Removable Screw-in Padeye Anchor Device


  •  Certified to European Standard EN795:2012 Type A and Australian Standards AS1891.4:2009 & AS5532:2013.
  •  Screw-in lanyard attachment device can be removed from the base when not in use.
  •  Separate locking screw ensures that the screw-in lanyard attachment remains secure when in use.
  •  A threaded plug remains in the base when the screw-in anchor device is removed to prevent dirt & grit from entering the threads.
  •  Grade 316 stainless steel throughout for maximum corrosion resistance and longevity.

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  Product No. Desc. Thread ABCDEFB. L.Weight Price  
RFC2433-09 RFC2433-09


1 5/32

2 3/4


1 1/16





$ 658.00


The Removable Screw-In Padeye Anchor Device consists of two parts:
A structural anchor base which is permanently fixed to the structure.
A screw-in anchor for connection of personal protection equipment.

The structural anchor base is to be permanently fastened to the structure using 4 x M6 fasteners. The screw-in anchor is attached to the structural anchor base by means of a central threaded spigot. Once fully threaded in place the anti-rotation locking screw must be engaged to ensure that the anchor cannot unintentionally become detached from the structural anchor base. The screw-in anchor has a single attachment point for personal protection equipment.

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  • Ronstan Fall Arrest Systems provide a method of attachment for use in conjunction with personal protection equipment to protect against falls from a height, such as when working outside of conventional guardrails for cleaning and maintenance purposes on motor yachts or other vessels. They should not be used for any other purpose.