Open Body Turnbuckles

Premium Open Body

Toggle & Swage, Imperial Wire


  • Dissimilar metals
  • Open design
  • Fine, rolled threads
  • Multi axial toggles

Cable Ø4.8 mm
Thread 5/16" UNF
A9.4 mm
B11.2 mm
C Max324.0 mm
C Min247.0 mm
D20.7 mm
E7.9 mm
B. L.2250 kg
Weight267 g

Product Information

Rigging products for swaging have product numbers that are coded to indicate certain dimensions of the product. The first four digits identify the product type. The first two digits of the suffix identify the wire size expressed in 1/32" and the last two digits denote the thread size expressed in 1/16".Open Body Turnbuckles are made from polished chrome plated high grade brass bodies with grade 316 stainless steel end fittings. This combination of materials not only avoids the risk of excessive thread wear or seizure under load, but also provides the considerable advantage of easier adjustment.
As shown on the accompanying graph, for a given level of torque, up to 47% more tension can be achieved with the Ronstan brass body turnbuckle than with competitors bronze body turnbuckles, or up to 71% more than an equivalent stainless steel body turnbuckle. Conversely, for a given required rig tension the torque required to adjust a competitors bronze or stainless steel body turnbuckle is up to 40% or 75% more respectively than that of the Ronstan brass body turnbuckle.
After tensioning, cross-drilled ends in the threaded terminals enable the use of split-pins to lock and secure the adjustment. For easy thread identification an etched “R” identifies the right-hand threaded end of the body.
As with all Ronstan turnbuckles, toggles are designed with full universal movement for easy installation and connection and allow the assembled cable to move where the structure is subject to wind loads or vibration.


  • Range offers large adjustment to imperial wire rigged boats from dinghies through to keelboats


  • Grade 316 stainless steel end fittings
  • Chrome plated high grade brass bodies

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