More Information

We are a member of the Group which includes the entities listed above. Members of the Group may change from time to time. Reference to "we/us" in this brochure means each member of the Group.

If you want to know more about our privacy policy or practices, or have any concerns or complaints about how we apply them, please contact our Privacy Officer by writing to him at the postal address or by fax as set out below. 

We will respond to your enquiry or complaint as soon as is possible. We will try to resolve your complaint or address any issue (including correcting any error we have made) within 14 days of your contacting us about it.

It will assist us to help you when you contact the Privacy Officer as below, if you specify the matter/s you wish to raise:

  • Privacy Officer - Laine McCooke
  • Ronstan International Pty Ltd
  • 19 Park Way,
  • VIC, 3195
  • FAX +61 (0)3 8586 2099

If you are dissatisfied with our response to your questions or your complaint, you have the right to discuss the matter or lodge a complaint about this with the Federal Privacy Commissioner.